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Valentine’s Tulips

From 27,50 
Valentine's Tulips – 50 tulips, 120 tulip bulbs
Valentine's Tulips – 50 tulips, 0 tulip bulbs

Gratis levering in Nederland!
Levering België of Duitsland €5,50

The highest quality fresh from the greenhouse

Buy tulip bulbs in February?

The tulip bulbs have had a special temperature treatment, which is why you can still plant these bulbs until the end of February 2021. They will then bloom in May this year.

When you receive them, plant these bulbs as soon as possible in the ground or in flower pots. Wet the soil so that the bulbs can immediately start rooting 🙂 Then you can enjoy a beautiful sea of flowers this spring!

Queen of avant garde tulip bulbs pink and white mix bulbs BOLT Amsterdam
Amount of tulips50 tulips
Aantal tulpenbollen0 tulip bulbs, 120 tulip bulbs

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