Our stunner
200 tulips

The greatest gift with tulips! We haven’t forgotten them.
200 tulips… What are you going to do with it? Do you treat yourself to a house full of tulips, do you hand them out to friends and family or do you lie down on a bed of tulips? Go crazy and share it with us.

Do you remember?
Our action back then?

Sweeter than sweet! It went like a rocket in March! On Monday we were still massively destroying tulips by the loss of exports, two days later you offered massive help! Bringing 200 tulips into the house, it has brought a lot of love, comfort but also hilarity. We’ve seen a lot of happy faces.

You have shaped the action yourself by lovingly handing out the surplus of tulips to family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and often to our fantastic caregivers. Sweeter than sweet! To give each other massive support in a period of uncertainty and tension.

5 million tulips sold!

That this action got completely out of hand in a positive sense with 5 million tulips sold. We are super proud to have done this together with you.

For the new season, the boxes of 200 tulips are available again! So surprise your loved one with a house full of tulips, or bring a box of tulips into the house with the whole street. Plenty of options for everyone!

We still have them!

Available in bouquets of 200 tulips